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What is Recogneyes for?

Manual human video labeling is a real burden on businesses that work with video archives.


Insights extracted from the video can be used to enhance the search experience across a video library, for example, indexing faces…

Content creation

Insights extracted from videos and help effectively create content such as trailers, social media content, news clips etc…


Industries that rely on ad revenue can deliver more relevant ads by using the extracted insights as additional signals to the ad server…

How It Works

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1. File upload

Open Recogneyes, select your file or use the drag & drop feature. Submit clicking the upload button and the analysis starts right away.

2. Content recognition

The software scans all frames in your video searching for faces, emotions, objects, actions, etc… once the analysis is finished you can check and edit the tags.

3. Data download

When your inspection is over the software can return a JSON file with all the tags present in your video or you can later search it with the query tool.


Annotator costs €600 to annotate 90 minutes long video. Same work with annotator + Recogneyes costs 46 €


Annotator requires 30+ hours to annotate 90 min video. Same work with annotator+Recogneyes requires 4 hours.


With Recogneyes artificial intelligence models, scenes detection and elements tagging becomes cheap and fast.
Image module

Developed to satisfy the needs of your business

A video recognition software that automatically detects and classifies a vast number of people, objects, places, actions, emotions thanks to its machine learning models.

It allows to easily retrieve all the extrapolated information through familiar natural language searches.

Able to recognize a vast set of elements

Answers to the Most Common Questions

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Video recognition is an integral part of video content analysis. It helps find meaning in loads of visual data people deal with daily. The video recognition technology dives deep into the video content to identify it. It carefully analyzes your video stream (either real-time or offline) frame by frame to create useful information about the content.

Recogneyes is an innovative Video Recognition software able to detect scenes in a digital video, extract information such as objects, people, people emotions, places, environments etc…
Thanks to artificial intelligence the algorithm can be trained to find what you need.

Computer vision is transforming businesses every day, it has been in broad use for decades, however, when it comes to their application to a real business and production cases, a distinctive approach is needed.
Depending on your business needs and niche, it can bring you the following advantages: enhance the consumer experience, reduce costs, time-saving, better quality control, big data analytics and easy reporting.

Recogneyes can be used as on premises or cloud service.
Considering the needs of our clients, we are able to identify the best solution.

It depend on the video length and caracteristics but as an example, depending on the computational power, for a video of 30 minutes the entire procedure of cutting scene and tagging may approximately take 40 minutes.

Yes, sure. In fact, one of the most important features of Recogneyes is the possibility to modify (adding or deleting) tags in the annotation page. This featurtes makes Recogneyes one of the few software able to personalize the entire tagging process with a semi-automatic annotation system.

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